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Newman Information Systems (NIS) offers a variety of data and software tools that will assist you in the buying, selling, and reporting of fixed income securities. NIS's software performs hundreds of calculations on all types of US debt instruments.

Calculations can be done on Gov't Agency, Corporate, CMO, MBS, Municipal, SBA, Treasury, Fixed Rate, Floating Rate, Callable, Adjustable Rate, Hybrid, Step-Up, Structured, I/O's, P/O's, and much more....

Do you trade or own mortgage-backed securities? NIS has a complete database of over 1,000,000 Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac securities. MBS descriptions, coupons, maturities, wac's, wam's, wala's, factors, prepayment speeds, and valuable loan level information such as credit scores, loan-to-value, geographic, and delinquency information is available.

Read below to learn how NIS can help you build a custom app to fit your specific needs or visit our products and services pages to learn more about NIS's turnkey systems and the many ways that NIS can help you develop your own bond calculators, portfolio reporting systems, interest rate scenario analysis, horizon analysis, total return, bond swap, and vector analysis.
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MyNIS is your private portal to a world of bond analytics. MyNIS allows you to do everything from creating your own personalized security informational pages to running portfolio analytics. Create professional looking reports which highlight the information you want to emphasize. You can include both bond descriptive information and analytics. Colors, charts, and company logos can be easily included.
Web API Services

A completely transparent way to access the NIS bond calculation and data libraries via the internet. The Web API Service allows you to do everything from calculating yields and other bond calculations to creating your own in-house bond system, web site, offering sheets, or complete bond reporting system without visiting the NIS web site.
Calculation Libraries

Get the bond calculations you want in-house on your servers. This is the ideal solution for companies who need to calculate hundreds of calculations on thousands of bond positions for themselves or their clients. NIS will custom design the library to include only the calculations which you require. No more paying for calculations you don't need.
Data Services

Get the data you need delivered to you when you want it and how you want it. Every security in the entire MBS & SBA universe (1,000,000+) can be delivered to you in a format of your choosing via ftp. Or, individual securities can be uploaded and downloaded using a very simple user interface or "behind the scenes" via the Web API Service.

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