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Web API Services

Our newest and easiest way to peform bond calculations. Creating your own in-house bond system, web site, offering sheets, or complete bond reporting system has never been easier. Web Services allows you to incorporate bond calculations for government, corporate, municipal, MBS, and SBA securities. Also, callable bonds, multi-coupon bonds, floating rate, adjustable rate, balloon, interest only, principal only, and initial interest only securities. Calculations include price, yield to maturity, yield to call, accrued interest, average life, duration, convexity, treasury spread, BEEM, accounting analysis, total return analysis, cash flow analysis, bond swap analysis, and interest rate analysis.

Web API Services also gives you access to NIS's complete database of MBS and SBA securities, including monthly paydown factors, CPR and PSA prepayment speeds, adjustable rate component information, and loan level geographic, credit score, loan-to-value, and deliquency information. The NIS databases also include historical prepayment speeds and CPR time series prepayment speeds.

All of the calculations and data can be integrated into your web site or in-house system. Simply pass a cusip number, pool number, or the characteristics of a bond to the Web Service engine and a comma-delimited file, spreadsheet, html, or xml data stream packed with information is quickly returned. There is no software to install. You may use the NIS templates or create your own user interface. NIS data and calculations will be integrated into your spreadsheet, web site, or other application in just a few minutes.

Contact NIS for full access to Web API Services, pricing options, and assistance in using Web Services.

IMPORTANT : A disclaimer must be included on your web site that has been used as a data source or to perform the calculations (ex. Powered by

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