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Web Services - Historical Prepayment Speeds
Web Services is the easiest way to incorporate NIS's proprietary MBS and SBA prepayment speeds into your web site or in-house system. Simply pass a bond sector (ex. FNCL), coupon, and issue year to the NetSpeeds engine and an xml data stream is immediately returned to your web site. 1 Mth, 3 Mth, 6 Mth, 12 Mth, Life speeds, the prior 12 month speeds, and the prior 10 annual speeds in both CPR and PSA are returned for the universe of securities meeting your criteria.

IMPORTANT : A disclaimer must be included on your web site that has been used as a data source or to perform the calculations (ex. Powered by

Click on the samples below to see how data is passed to and returned from the Web Service Engine.

Viewing the NIS data and calculations can done in a spreadsheet, comma-delimited format, html format, or xml format. The xml format is provided for users who want to integrate the NIS data and calculations into their own web site or another application. Users who are unfamiliar with reading XML data structures should read the XML instructions.

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