"Analytical Tools for Developing Fixed Income Applications"

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NIS's financial libraries are offered in a variety of ways. The libraries may be purchased as part of a complete fixed income system or they may be purchased separately. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

NIS Analytics
NIS Analytics is an easy to use, comprehensive bond analysis software product. The PC based system allows you to easily perform analysis on individual bonds or portfolios of bonds. The system includes a report writer with over 500 fields from which to choose. In addition, the system ties into a variety of the most popular financial databases. This means that you can instantly access daily prices, monthly paydown factors, and called bonds. Sophisticated reports showing the effects of interest rate movements on your portfolios can be produced with just a few clicks of the mouse. No programming skills required.
A product similar to our flagship product, NIS Analytics, but available on the web. Anywhere, at the office, at a client's location, at a airport or hotel, or even at home you can have access to NIS. Available on are:

No programming skills required.

Web Services
The easiest way to incorporate bond calculations, cash flow analysis, total return analysis, interest rate analysis, bond swap analysis, MBS Data, SBA Data, historical prepayment speeds, and CPR time series prepayment speeds into your spreadsheet, web site or in-house system. Simply pass the characteristics of a bond to the web service engine and a comma-delimited file, spreadsheet, or xml data stream packed with the information that you requested is quickly returned. No software to install. NIS data and calculations will be integrated into your spreadsheet, web site, or other application in just a few minutes. No or Minimal programming skills required. [More]

Bond Calculation Libraries
NIS calculation libaries are com+ compliant dll's that allow developers to write fixed income applications for deployment on the internet, stand-alone, or network. The libraries contain all of the calls necessary to perform hundreds of nis calculations. The libraries are loaded and maintained on your servers. The library which you choose will only include the calculations which you need. Programming skills required. [More]

MBS & SBA Databases
Complete databases of the all MBS (GNMA, GNMA II, FNMA, and FHLMC) and SBA securities. In addition to the standard information, nis can provide prepayment speed analysis, loan level information, price, yield, average life, and interest rate analysis calculations. The information can be used in conjunction with nis analytics,, the nis financial libraries, or your own financial information system. Data can be delivered to your site in variety of convenient methods; in conjuction with nis analytics, a bulk delivery of all securities in nis standard formats or your own custom format, or a specific list of securities delivered via [More]

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