"Analytical Tools for Developing Fixed Income Applications"

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Trial Period
[+] Can I try the software before I buy it?
[+] Is there a charge during the trial period?
[+] What do I need to do to get started?

[+] How many fixed income products does NIS offer?
[+] Does NIS offer a bond analysis desktop application?
[+] Does NIS offer web based apps?
[+] Does NIS offer DLL's?
[+] Does NIS offer web API's?
[+] Can I use the NIS libraries to create a fixed income internet app for my company?
[+] Can NIS produce PDF reports?
[+] In addition to calculations, does NIS offer fixed income data?

[+] What calculations are included?
[+] Can NIS handle floating rate & adjustable rate securities?
[+] Can NIS handle ABS's, CMO's, and CMBS securities?
[+] Does NIS offer Bond Swap Analysis?
[+] Does NIS do Interest Rate shock analysis?
[+] Can the calculations be exported to another product or spreadsheet.

[+] What is the cost?
[+] Is there a long-term agreement?
[+] Is there an upfront cost?

[+] Is there a charge for support?
[+] Can I ask for changes?
[+] How do I contact NIS with questions?

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