"Analytical Tools for Developing Fixed Income Applications"

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About Us

Founded in 1990 by Scott Newman, Newman Information Systems (NIS) specializes in the development of fixed income analysis systems. Mr. Newman has been developing applications for both the buy-side and sell-side communities for over 25 years. Clients range in size from small banks to regional broker/dealers to national banks and state governments. NISís products include nis analytics, a fixed income system that analyses individual bonds and portfolios of fixed income securities, interest rate analysis, cashflow analysis, swap models, total return analysis, arm and floating rate bond analysis, a web site with many bond calculators and mbs research tools, mbs and sba databases, prepayment speed analysis, and bond calculation libraries.

Historically, NIS has been very successful developing full featured products for its clients. However, as programming languages and development platforms have become easier and easier to use, NIS has adapted its business practices from developing full featured systems (i.e. complete products) to providing businesses with access to the NIS calculation libraries and databases. Using their own internal IT staff, NIS clients can create their own robust financial information systems tailored to their own specific requirements while having the comfort of knowing the calculations that drive those systems have been developed by a trusted source. This is a significant benefit to the end-user that few other software companies have adopted. Companies which once relied heavily on outside vendor service and support can now design and support their own systems without being bound to the service, support, and pricing issues associated with third-party vendors.

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